Community Modeling and Analysis System

2016 Conference Poster Session

For 2016, we have tentatively scheduled two poster sessions. The first session will be on Monday, October 17, 2022 and the second will be on Tuesday, October 18, 2022 . Each poster session will give conference attendees at least 90 minutes to browse through the extensive collection of posters and speak with the authors. All poster presenters are expected to remain near their posters during this poster session to answer questions other attendees may have

CMAS will award free registration to the next CMAS conference to the best student-made poster submitted from each day. During each poster session, members of the EAC and the session chair(s) will visit each poster in their session, and the poster presenter will be expected to give a brief 1-2 minute synopsis of their poster. Winners will be announced during lunch on Wednesday.

Poster presenters are required to send a graphic of their poster, in .jpg or .png format, to prior to the start of the conference. All poster presenters also have the option of sending CMAS a PDF of your poster presentation for posting on our website.

Also, please remember that if you wish to publish an extended abstract on the CMAS web site, you'll need to follow the template and guidelines outlined on our Call for Papers page.

Posters need to fit in on a 4' high X 6' wide kiosk, mounted horizontally. Also, many of the kiosks have a wooden border approximately 2" thick, so do not print your poster any larger than 3' 8" X 5' 8". Other considerations:

  • You will be provided with stick pins to attach your poster
  • Your poster should be self explanatory so that you are free to supplement and discuss particular points raised in inquiry
  • Materials should be mounted on thin poster paper or lightweight cardboard. Do not use heavy cardboard.
  • You may want to group logically consistent sections or columns of the poster on backgrounds of the same color
  • Prepare a label for the top center of your poster which includes: Title, authors and affiliations, using 72 point lettering
  • Arrange materials in columns rather than rows. An introduction should be placed at the upper left, and a conclusion at the lower right, both in large typescript.
  • The sequence of illustrations should be clearly indicated with numbers or letters of 72 point size, preferably in bold lettering. Each figure or table should have a heading of one or two lines in large type stating the "take-home" message. Detailed information should be provided in a legend in smaller types below. The legend should describe the content of the figure and the conclusions derived therefrom. Charts, drawings and illustrations might well be similar to those used in making slides - preferably simpler and more heavily drawn. Keep everything as clear as possible.