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One of the major tasks of the CMAS Center outreach effort is to organize annual conferences. The purpose of these conferences is to allow the model user and development communities to share their experiences with air quality models, modeling, and model development. The first annual Models-3 conference was sponsored by the USEPA and was held in Arlington, VA on June 12-14, 2000. With Models-3 and CMAQ still in development at that time, the goal of the conference was to take a look at the needs of the modeling community and to consider the advantages of using a common modeling system. Two years and three CMAQ releases later, after the modeling community had spent some time using CMAQ and integrating it with other components of Models-3, like SMOKE, a second conference was in order. The inaugural Models-3 conference under the auspices of the CMAS took place in October, 2002 at the EPA research campus located in RTP, North Carolina. With over 150 attendees, the focus of the conference was on Models-3 performance and applications. It was met with great enthusiasm by the community and was a huge success, with many attendees calling for subsequent conferences to be longer to accommodate more presentations and discussions.

The CMAS plans to offer annual conferences to help connect the members of the atmospheric modeling and model research communities. Building off of the experiences from previous conferences and assimilating feedback from past attendees, the CMAS will focus each conference on the pertinent issues of the day.

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Powerpoint presentations and abstracts are available from past CMAS Conferences. Check out our Conference Archive!