Community Modeling and Analysis System

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Please direct questions, comments, suggestions, and other inquiries for CMAS to:

Community Modeling and Analysis System
c/o Institute for the Environment
Campus Box 1105
100 Europa Dr., Suite 490
Chapel Hill, NC 27517

Fax: (919) 966-9920

Directions to CMAS Center

CMAS Personnel

Director and Outreach Coordinator (Adel Hanna)

The CMAS director and outreach coordinator is responsible for ensuring that work is performed and completed in a timely and quality manner. He convenes the annual meeting of the External Advisory Committee and conducts their monthly teleconferences. Advertising the CMAS and its services, continually surveying the needs of the community, and soliciting support for the system are also primary tasks. With a main criterion for the success of the CMAS being the extent of its user base, propagating interest in the CMAS services is extremely important. User forums, newsletters, and conferences are a few of the outreach activities that the CMAS will undertake to communicate to the community what is available through the CMAS and its center at the CEP.

Research Coordinator (Uma Shankar)

Directing the testing and recommendation of new science modules, identifying research needs, and establishing a research agenda for Models-3 are the CMAS functions that will establish the future directions of Models-3. The modeling research activities in the CMAS will focus upon improving the existing science within the models, integrating scientific updates, evaluating model performance, and developing new science modules for Models-3. Through a proactive research agenda, CMAS will facilitate the constant improvement and evaluation of Models-3. It is anticipated that members of the modeling community will perform a variety of modeling applications to address specific air pollution problems. CMAS will save resources by eliminating the duplication of efforts and will enhance progress in model development and application through the effective exchange of information and knowledge.

Applications Support and Training Coordinator (Zac Adelman)

User support for Models-3 is offered by the CMAS and includes a comprehensive electronic help-desk, web-based and hands-on training courses, and a data clearinghouse for sharing data and results between members of the Models-3 community. The applications support coordinator will oversee all aspects of user support within CMAS, in particular the features of the help-desk: email support, FAQ's, a bulletin board, and access to user forums. The CMAS center is available to consult on model application and performance evaluations and to provide guidance on most hardware and software issues related to the use of Models-3. CMAS will also coordinate the development and administration of Models-3 training courses to be offered over the World Wide Web and at conferences.

Software Development Coordinator (Sarav Arunachalam)

Software and tool development, tracking change requests, and overseeing the coupling to other models is an integral part of the CMAS operations for Models-3. Our vision at the CMAS for model development involves leveraging the vast pool of scientific expertise in the environmental modeling community to contribute to the evolution of Models-3. In addition to maintaining and distributing the Models-3 source code, executables, and run scripts, the CMAS software development coordinators will coordinate the software development activities of the community to limit redundancy and ensure that Models-3 remains a state-of-the-art tool.

Events Coordinator

Organizing the Models-3 community at annual conferences and building the user base through hands-on training courses are key outreach activities for the CMAS. Setting agendas, scheduling events, coordinating with conference and training centers and advertising the CMAS events to the community are the basic functions that the CMAS will perform to connect and educate the modeling community. Publishing and distributing the CMAS Newsletter will help update community members of CMAS activities and events.