Community Modeling and Analysis System

CMAS Privacy Policy

Your CMAS Data

CMAS does not sell or distribute your CMAS information in any way. You have the option to receive CMAS mailings about upcoming training classes, conferences, and model releases, and you have the option to list yourself and search the CMAS User Directory. If you choose to participate in the CMAS User Directory, you will have the option of providing more information about your environmental modeling preferences, and other CMAS Users who have opted to participate will be able to locate each other with similar environmental modeling preferences in their region and beyond.

CMAS no longer uses Google Analytics or any other third-party tracking software. CMAS only uses technically-required cookies to ensure a smooth user experience.

Right of Erasure

CMAS attributes your conference registrations, training registrations, and your software downloads to your user account. If you would like to remove your account information from the CMAS site, please email and request to have your account removed.