Community Modeling and Analysis System

Visiting Scientist Program

To further the educational opportunities available to the global air quality modeling community, the CMAS Center offers personalized one-on-one trainings through the CMAS Visiting Scientist Program. The CMAS Center invites scientists to participate in customized training sessions at the Center for Environmental Modeling for Policy Development within the Institute for the Environment at UNC for one-on-one interactions with experienced modelers and scientists. We will customize a training agenda to meet your needs in the following areas:

  • Meteorology modeling with MM5 or WRF
  • Emissions processing with SMOKE
  • Air quality modeling with CMAQ
  • Data analysis and model performance evaluation
  • Atmospheric chemistry research

We recommend minimum one week sessions for visiting scientists. The program includes customized curricula with CEMPD scientists and an office with computer/Internet/telephone. The cost per session will be based on the individual needs of the visiting scientist and the duration of the program.

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