Community Modeling and Analysis System

Create a CMAS Account

In order to access features like Training registration, Conference registration, and Model Downloads, you need to have a CMAS User Account.

If you already have a CMAS account, you can Edit Your Account to change your email, address, password, or any other contact information we have on file. Just log in with your old account by clicking the Log In link at the top left or by entering your info in the User Details box, then click on Edit Contact Info in the User Details box.

We will not distribute this information to anyone, and will only use this information for internal web traffic reporting. You have the option of selecting to receive CMAS announcements during the registration process. Announcements will include information about upcoming training classes, conferences, and model releases, and you will be sent the latest CMAS Newsletter when it is released.

You will also have the option of providing more information about your environmental modeling preferences. We will use this information for our CMAS User Directory, where CMAS Users will be able to locate other CMAS Users with similar environmental modeling preferences in their region and beyond.