2004 Models-3 Conference

October 18th - 20th, 2004
Chapel Hill, NC

Model Evaluation abstracts were published in the Atmospheric Environment, Volume 40, Issue 26 (August 2006). http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/13522310

Abstracts and Presentations

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Session 1 - Welcome: Models-3 and Community Modeling

Keynote Address - Tom Voltaggio, EPA Region III

Status of CMAS - Adel Hanna
Recent Updates to the SMOKE Modeling System - Catherine Seppanen

New Developments in Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) Model - Jonathan Pleim

< Session 2 - Model Evaluations [Session Chairs: Weimin Jiang & S.T. Rao]

* Due to potential publication of these presentations in Atmospheric Environment, only a brief description of each presentation is available. After the papers have been submitted to Atmospheric Environment, the presentations will be made available online.

Annual Model Simulations and Evaluations of Particulate Matter and Ozone over the Continental United States Using the Models-3/CMAQ System - Carey Jang
Diagnostic Evaluation of CMAQ Response of Inorganic Species to Emissions Changes - Robin Dennis
Comparison of Spatial Patterns of Pollutant Distribution with CMAQ Predictions - Sharon Phillips (presented by Peter Finkelstein)
Performance Evaluation of CMAQ for Summer 1999 Southern Oxidants Study Episode - Yang Zhang
Differences Between CMAQ Fine Mode Particle and PM2.5 Concentrations and their Impact on Model Performance Evaluation in the Lower Fraser Valley - Weimin Jiang
CMAQ Performance and Assessment of the Transboundary Influences during Long-term Modeling in Ontario - Andrei Chtcherbakov
Evaluation of Models-3/CMAQ in Very Complex Terrains: High-Resolution Application to the Northeastern Iberian Peninsula - Pedro Jiménez
Evaluation of CMAQ Results for the Simulation of a High Ozone Episode in the Houston-Galveston Metropolitan Airshed - Daewon Byun
Evaluating Temporal and Spatial O3 and PM2.5 Patterns Simulated during an Annual CMAQ Application over the Continental U.S. - Christian Hogrefe
Air Quality Models for PM: A Discussion on Model Evaluation Diagnostics and Application Guidance - Naresh Kumar
Comparison Evaluation of Two Leading Photochemical Air Quality Models for Particulate Matter - Sharon Phillips
Particulate Matter Multi-Model Performance Evaluation - Ralph Morris
Seasonal NH3 Emissions for an Annual 2001 CMAQ Simulation: Inverse Model Estimation and Evaluation - Alice Gilliland
Simulating Urban Air Toxics over Continental and Urban Scales - William Hutzell
Performance Evaluation of AURAMS for Multiple Case Studies - Michael Moran

< Session 3 - Air Quality Management [Session Chair: Tyler Fox]

Applications of Models-3 in Coastal Areas of Canada - J. Wayne Boulton
Development of an Air Quality Management Decision Support System for Beijing China - Jo Ellen Brandmeyer
Modeling the Impact of Three Sets of Future Vehicle Emission Standards on PM Concentrations in the Lower Fraser Valley - Weimin Jiang
Assessing the Impacts of Hartsfield Airport on Particulate Matter in Atlanta Area - Alper Unal
The Western Regional Air Partnership's Emissions Database Management System - Steve Boone
Applicability of CMAQ-DDM to Source Apportionment and Control Strategy Development - Daniel Cohan
Air-quality Modeling of PM2.5 Mass and Composition in Atlanta: Results and Implications for Use in Health Studies - Amit Marmur

< Session 4 - Computational Issues [Session Chairs: Jeff Young and Glen Hammond]

A New Version of CMAQ-MADRID and Comparison with CMAQ - Christian Seigneur
Computational Aspects of the Air Quality Forecasting Version of CMAQ (CMAQ-F) - Jeffrey Young (presented by David Wong)
Performance of CMAQ on a Mac OS X System - Tracey Holloway
Evaluating Performance of AQM Applications on Commodity Linux Platforms - George Delic

< Session 5 - Fine-Scale Modeling for Exposure/Risk Assessment [Session
Chair: Jason Ching]

Introduction - Jason Ching
Application of Fine Scale Air Toxics Modeling with CMAQ to HAPEM5 - Jason Ching (presented by Tom Pierce)
CMAQ Modeling for Air Toxics at Fine Scales: A Prototype Study - Mohammed A Majeed
Stochastic Description of Subgrid Pollutant Variability in CMAQ - Jerold Herwehe

< Session 6 - Model Development [Session Chairs: Daewon Byun and Ted

Development of Mercury Modeling Schemes Within CMAQ Framework: Science and Model Implementation Issues - Che-Jen Lin
Evaluation of a Variable Time-Step Algorithm in CMAQ - Talat Odman
A Study of Source Attribution of Unsaturated Hydrocarbons for Ozone Production in the Houston-Galveston Area with an Extended SAPRC99 Chemical Mechanism - Beata Czader
Modeling of Mercury Emission Transport and Deposition in North-Eastern North America - Philip Gbor
Air Quality Effects of Prescribed Fires Simulated with CMAQ - Yongqiang Liu
EMICAT2000: Development of a High Spatial Resolution Emission Model from the Northeastern Iberian Peninsula used within the Models-3/CMAQ Framework - Pedro Jiménez
Evaluation of an Advanced Plume-in-Grid Treatment in CMAQ with Data from the Central California Ozone Study - Prakash Karamchandani (presented by Christian Seigneur)
CMAQ Aerosol Module Development: Recent Enhancements and Future Plans - Prakash Bhave
Using CMAQ-AIM to Evaluate the Gas/Particle Partitioning Treatment - Chris Nolte
Mass Conservative Coupling of MM5 with CMAQ - Yongtao Hu

< Session 7 - Forecasting [Session Chairs: Ken Schere and Jeff McQueen]

PREMAQ: A New Pre-Processor to CMAQ for Air Quality Forecasting - Tanya Otte

What's New in MCIP2? - Tanya Otte
Transferring the CMAQ System to the NWS/NCEP Computer Center for Operational Air Quality Forecasting - Jeff McQueen

Adaptation and Applications of the Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) Modeling System for Real-Time Air Quality Forecasting During the Summer of 2004 - Rohit Mathur
Operational and Diagnostic Evaluations of the Ozone Forecast by the Eta-CMAQ Model during the 2002 New England Air Quality Study (NEAQS) - Shaocai Yu

An Operational Evaluation of the Eta-CMAQ Air Quality Forecast Model - Brian Eder
CMAQ Operational Evaluation - T.W. Tesche

< Session 8 - Climate/Air Pollution Feedbacks and Multiscale Applications
[Session Chair: Ellen Cooter]

A Modeling Investigating of Climate Effects of Air Pollutants - Aijun Xiu
Overview of the Climate Impact on Regional Air Quality (CIRAQ) Project - Ellen Cooter
Direct and Emission-Induced Impacts of Climate Change on Ozone and Fine Particulate Matter: Preliminary Results - Kasemsan Manomaiphiboon
Cross-border Transport of Fine Particulate Matter into Texas from Agricultural Burning - Myoungwoo Kim
Modeling the Air Quality Impacts of Climate and Land Use Change in the New York City Metropolitan Area - Christian Hogrefe
Simulations of Multiple Pollutants over the Pacific Regions Using the Models-3/CMAQ System - Carey Jang
Regional/Urban Air Quality Modeling Assessment over China and Taiwan Using the Models-3/CMAQ System - Joshua Fu
Evaluation of Ozone Concentrations at Residence Layer in the Southern Taiwan by CMAQ - Yee-Lin Wu

< Poster Session

A Chemical Sensitivity Analysis with CMAQ: Diagnostic Testing in Base Case and Emissions Control Strategies in the Southeast U.S. - J.R. Arnold

Effects of Grid Resolution on Modeled Attainment Demonstration - Sarav Arunachalam

Porting the Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) modeling system to the Apple Macintosh Operating System Mac OS X - Frank Binkowski

PM Model Performance Metrics Goals and Criteria - James Boylan

Sensitivity of CMAQ to the Scaling of Nitrogen Emissions - Patricia Bresnahan

Paradigm Using Joint Deterministic Grid Modeling and Sub-grid Variability Stochastic Descriptions as a Template for Model Evaluation - Jason Ching

Improvement of the Aromatic Hydrocarbon Representation in the SAPRC99 Chemical Mechanism of the Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) System - Violeta Coarfa

Time-Resolved Diagnostic Evaluation of CMAQ Predictions -Robin Dennis

Why Road Dust Concentrations are Over-Estimated in Eulerian Grid Models - Yayi Dong

A Performance Evaluation of the 2004 Release of Models-3 CMAQ - Brian Eder

CMAQ Aerosol Number and Mass Evaluation for Pacific Northwest - Robert Elleman
The Analysis Engine: A New Tool for Model Evaluation, Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis, and More.... - Alison Eyth (Prashant Pai presenting)

Assessment of Marine Emissions on Corpus Christi Urban Airshed - Zuber Farooqui
Long Range Transport of Ozone in North Eastern North America - Oscar Galvez (James Sloan presenting)

Use of Principal Component Analysis and Spectral Decomposition Techniques for Comparison of the Performances of CMAQ and REMSAD Models - Edith Gego

A Comprehensive Year-long MM5 Evaluation Using the Automated Model Evaluation Tool (AMET) - Robert Gilliam

Simulating Aerosols and Photochemical Species with the CMAQ Plume-in-Grid Modeling System - James Godowitch

Sensitivity Analysis of Modeled Ozone in a Coastal Urban Airshed - Ieesuck Jung

Preparation of Biogenic Mercury Emission Using BEIS3 - Prototype Development and Preliminary Processing - Che-Jen Lin

Improving Emission Inventories for Effective Air-Quality Management Across North America - A NARSTO Assessment - J. David Mobley

Comparing Air Quality Observations and Model Outputs: Techniques for Identifying and Comparing Relevant Time Scales - P. Steven Porter

Using the MODIS Rapid Response Fire Product to Refine Wildland Fire Emissions - Dev Roy

Recent Enhancements to SMOKE for Modeling Sea-salt Emissions for Modal Applications - Uma Shankar

A Bayesian Spatial Statistical Approach to the Evaluation of CMAQ - Jenise Swall

CMAQ in Regulatory Applications and Remaining Questions - Quansong Tong

Seasonal and Regional Variations of Primary and Secondary Organic Aerosols Over the Continental United States: Observation-Based Estimated and Model Evaluation - Shaocai Yu

Numerical Study of Tropospheric Ozone in the Springtime in East Asia - Meigen Zhang