October 27-29, 2003
Holiday Inn-RDU Airport
Research Triangle Park, NC

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Session 1 - Welcome: Models-3 and Community Modeling
State of Models-3 - A. Hanna
  Status of SMOKE - C. Seppanen

New Features of the 2003 Release of the CMAQ Model - J. Pleim, G. Gipson, S. Roselle, and J. Young

  Status of CMAS Center - B. Imhoff
Keynote Address - J. Katz, Regional Air Director for EPA Region III

Session 2 - One Atmosphere

Recent Advances in the Modeling of Airborne Substances - G. Pouliot, S. He, and T. Pierce
Community-scale air toxics modeling with CMAQ - J. Ching, S. Dupont, J. Herwehe, and R. Tang
Regional Modeling of the Atmospheric Fate and Transport of Benzene and Diesel Particles with CMAQ - C. Seigneur, B. Pun, K. Lohmna, and S.-Y. Wu
Sensitivity Analysis of Ozone in the Southeast - D. Cohan, Y. Hu, A. Hakami, and A. Russell
CMAQ Nucleation Algorithms and Their Impact on PM Modeling Results in the Lower Fraser Valley - H. Roth, W. Jiang, D. Yin, and Eric Giroux
The Application of CMAQ over the Pacific Northwest to Determine the Significance of the International Trans-Boundary Flows of Air Contaminants - C. Di Cenzo and M. Lepage
Evaluating Ozone Predictions from Photochemical Models Using NE-OPS 1999 Observations - Q. Sun, A. Chandrasekar, P. Georgopoulos, C. Philbrick, B. Doddridge
Climate Change and Ozone Air Quality: Applications of a Coupled GCM/MM5/CMAQ Modeling System - C. Hogrefe, J. Biswas, K. Civerolo, J.-Y. Ku, B. Lynn, J. Rosenthal,. K. Knowlton, R. Goldberg, C. Rosenzweig, and P.L. Kinney
Performance of CMAQ for Inorganic Aerosol Compounds in Greater Tokyo -H. Hayami and T. Sakurai
Application of the Urbanized Version of MM5 for Houston - S. Dupont, S. Burian and J. Ching
Development of Alternative Methods for Estimating Dry Deposition Velocity in CMAQ - K. Alapaty, D. Niyogi, S. Arunachalam, A. Holland, K. Hanisak, and M. Wesley
  Fugitive Dust Emissions Calculation - M. Omary
A 1-year Models-3 Simulation of Atmospheric Concentrations and Deposition over the UK and Europe - I. Teasdale
CMAQ Performance Evaluation for Regional Haze: Recent Results - G. Tonnesen
  Vertical Mixing Sensitivities in CMAQ: Comparing the Default and Two Options for Changing Vertical Mixing in Base Case and Emissions Control Cases in the Southeast U.S. - J. Arnold

Session 3 - One Community

  Impacts of Emission from Power Plants on the Ambient Air Quality in Southern Taiwan - Y. Wu and D. M. Tsai
Applications of Models-3 for the Evaluation of the Impact of Air Pollution on Human Health in the United States and China - D. Mauzerall
Using Models-3/CMAQ to Evaluate the Health Impact of Regional Air Pollution in China - X. Wang
Effects of Emission Adjustments on Peak Ground-Level Ozone Concentration in Southeast Texas - C.-J. Lin, T. Ho, H.-W. Chu, H. Yang, S. Chandru, N. Krishnarajanagar, P.Choiu, and J. Hopper
A Comparison of PM 2.5 Simulations over the Eastern United States Using CB-IV and RADM2 Chemical Mechanisms - M. Ku, K. Civerolo, and G. Sistla
Sensitivity of PM 2.5 Species to Emissions in the Southeast - S.-K. Park and A. Russell
Development and Application of MADRID: a New Aerosol Module in Models-3/CMAQ - Y. Zhang, B. Pun, K. Vijayaarghavan, S. Wu, and C. Seigneur
An Evaluation of the 2003 Release of CMAQ - B. Eder and S. Yu
  Simulation of Primary and Secondary (Biogenic and Anthropogenic) Organic Aerosols over the United States by US EPA Models-3/ CMAQ: Evaluation and Regional Analysis - S. Yu, R. Dennis, B. Eder, C. Lewis, G. Gipson, F. Binkowski, P. Bhave, J. Pleim, K. Schere, G. Klouda, and G. Pouliot
Synergisms in the Development of the CMAQ and CAMx PM/Ozone Models - R. Morris, G. Yarwood, C. Emery, and B. Koo

Session 4 - One Modeling System

  Effects of Using Different Land-Surface Modeling in MM5 on the Simulation of Houston-Galveston Air Quality with CMAQ - D. Byun
  Applications of Models3/CMAQ: From Urban, Regional, to Hemispheric Scales - C. Jang
Forecasting Air Quality with Models-3 Components: Performance Expectations  - J. McHenry, S. McKeen, W. Ryan, N. Seaman, J. Pudykiewicz, G. Grell, A. Stein, C. Coats, and J. Vukovich

National Air Quality Forecasting Capability: First Steps Toward Implementation - P. Davidson, N. Seaman, K. Schere, C. Wayland and K. Carey
An Evaluation of the ETA-CMAQ Air Quality Forecast Model as Part of NOAA's National Program - B. Eder, D. Kang, and R. Gilliam
Extending Size-Dependent Composition to the Modal Approach: A Case Study with Sea Salt Aerosol - U. Shankar and R. Mathur
Preliminary Results on the Development of a Variable-Grid-Resolution Air Quality Model - K. Alapaty, R. Mathur and S. Arunachalam
New Developments and Applications of Models-3 in Canada  - J. Boulton, M. Lepage, X. Qiu, M. Gauthier, and C. Di Cenzo
Comparison of Three Secondary Organic Aerosol Algorithms Implemented in CMAQ - W. Jiang, E. Giroux, D. Yin, and H. Roth
Comparison of Emission Estimates from SMOKE and EPS2 for Studying Houston-Galveston Air Quality - S. Kim and D. Byun
Building a Better Emissions Model - M. Janssen
CMAQ Model Performance Evaluation with Updated CB4-2002 - C. Chien
Evaluation of CMAQ with FAQS Episode of August 11th-20th, 2000 - Y. Hu, T. Odman, and A. Russell
A Discussion of the Visualization Needs of the Community Where do we go Next? - A. Eyth
Choosing a Compiler for AQM Applications on Linux - G. Delic
Recent Developments for Parallel CMAQ - J. Young and D. Wong

Poster Session

Comparison of ACM and MRF Boundary Layer Parameterizations in MM5 - R. Elleman, D. Covert, and C. Mass
    A Comparative study of USEPA NET96 and NEI99 Emission Inventories - T. Ho
A Study of Atmospheric Ammonia by Means of Modeling Analysis n the Kanto Region of Japan - T. Sakurai, S. Fujita, H. Hayami, and N. Furuhasi
    Soil-Derived Aerosols in East Asia Simulated by CMAQ and RAMS - S. Sugata
    Role of Models-3 in Assessing the Impact of Air Pollution Damage to National Accounting of the United States National Accounts - Q. Tong
  A Comparative Study of US EPA NET96 and NEI99 Emission Inventories in West Gulf of Mexico Region - C.-J. Lin, C. Ho, H.-W. Chu, T. Erdemli, H. Yang, S. Chandru, N. Krishnarajanagar, P. Chiou, and J. Hopper 
Simulating the Effect of Climate Change on US Air Quality Using MM5/SMOKE/CMAQ - J. Chen, J. Avise, J. Vaughan*, B. Lamb, C. Mass, E. Salathe, A. Guenther, C. Wiedinmyer, S. O'Neill, N. Larkin, S. Ferguson, and D. McKenzie 
New Unbiased  Symmetric Metrics for Evaluation of Air Quality Model - S. Yu, B. Eder, R. Dennis, S.-H. Chu,and S. Schwartz
Can the Thermodynamic Model and 3-D Air Quality Model Predict the Aerosol NO3- Reasonably Within a Factor of 2? - S. Yu, R. Dennis, B. Eder, S. Roselle and J. Walker
Primary and Secondary Organic Aerosols over the United States: Estimates on the Basis of Observed Organic Carbon (OC) and Elemental Carbon (EC), and Air Quality Modeled Primary OC/EC Ratios - S. Yu, R. Dennis, P. Bhave, and B. Eder
  The MIMS Spatial Allocator: A Tool for Generating Emission Surrogates without a Geographic Information System - A. Eyth and K. Hanisak
CMAQ Runtime Performance as Affected by Number of Processors and NFS Writes - P. Bresnahan, A. Ibrahim, J. Bash and D. Miller