MCPL(): Run-Script Control of the Module

This module is principally controlled by environment variables and by ASCII tables found in files under standard logical names, according to EDSS/Models-3 conventions. A template for scripts that set these environment variables is available here. The script must deal with three important points: Environment variables that control these file characteristics are in the form of comma-delimited lists, with one value per output grid, and are set (if you use csh) in the following fashion (where we assume 4 output grids, FOO is an arbitrary integer-list-valued environment variable, and BAR is an arbitrary strign-list-valued environment variable):
    setenv FOO '1,2,7,8'
    setenv BAR 'QUX,ZOP,GAK,MUD'
The list of these environment variables, together with their meanings, is given below.
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