MCPL(): Output Files and their Variables

The list of file structures for both the "standard" and the non-standard (KF convective cloud event) MCPL() output files is given below. Each file structure corresponds to a particular sort of geometric structure (dot-point-gridded, cross-point-gridded, or grid-boundary; and 2D, 3-D sigma-level, or 3-D pressure-level) and set of variables defined on that geometric structure. To form the logical file name for a specific MCPL output grid, take the base-name (as given below), and append _G<output-grid-number - 1> to it. (For example, if there are three output grids, the logical names for the GRID_CRO_2D-files would be GRID_CRO_2D_G0, GRID_CRO_2D_G1, and GRID_CRO_2D_G2. (It is a historical accident, perhaps caused by the fact that the developers of the EDSS model management framework were C programmers rather than Fortran programmers, that this enumeration starts with zero instead of one.)

The file list is:

Here is the list of file definitions, giving a brief description of the files, their data-structure types, a list of all the potential variables for each, together with a text description and units specification for the variables:
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