For Program LATLON

Program LATLON


    setenv  GRIDDESC      <path name>
    setenv  <gridfile>    <path name>
    setenv  <bndyfile>    <path name>
    latlon <and respond to the prompts>


Construct matching time independent one-layer GRIDDED and BOUNDARY files with REAL variables LAT and LON containing the latitude and longitude at cell centers (consistent with ISO Standard 6709), for a user specified coordinate system and grid. Specifications for this grid may either come from a GRIDDESC file or may be entered interactively. For I/O API 3.2, uses I/O API spheroid manipulation routine SETSPHERE to determine the geodetic spheroid used for the map projection.

For I/O API 3.1 and earlier, and pre-December 25,2017 I/O API 3.2, only Lat-lon, Lambert, UTM, and Albers Equal-Area coordinate systems for interactive input, and boundaries with NTHIK > 0 are supported. All standard I/O API map projections are supported for grid definition using a GRIDDESC file for I/O API 3.2.

You may turn off either output file (GRIDDED or BOUNDARY) by responding "NONE" to the prompt for its logical name.

For I/O API Version 3.2, post-December 25,2017: Add output of REAL*8 (M3DBLE) variables LATD and LOND; add interactive definition of grids with map projections of types

The program's source code is available here.

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