Program PRESZ


    setenv  GRIDDESC        <path name>
    setenv  <terrain file>  <path name>, or "NONE"
    setenv  <output file>   <path name>
    presz <and respond to the prompts>


Compute an MM5-style hydrostatic-sigma-P reference atmosphere for a specified grid and vertical coordinate system, and write it to a time independent layered 3-D GRIDDED file with variables
layer-center pressures (mb)
layer-surface pressures (mb)
layer-center elevations (M)
layer-surface elevations (M)
layer-center reference temperatures (K)
The reference atmosphere is constructed either above the terrain from the optional terrain-file, or (if this is NONE, above mean sea level. Specifications for this grid may either come from the input terrain, file, a GRIDDESC file (in which case the program will prompt you for the grid name), or may be entered interactively.

Currently, only Lat-lon, Lambert, UTM, Mercator, Stereographic, and Albers Equal-Area coordinate systems for interactive input are supported.

The program's source code is available here.

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