Program DAYAGG


The DAYAGG program computes a "standard day" file for a set of selected variables from a set of input files, by constructing the weighted average of the variables for each matching date&time, and write the result to a "standard day" output file.

Source code for the program is available under the GNU GPL License, Version 2, and can be downloaded from the Availability and Download page.


    setenv  OMP_NUM_THREADS  <number of threads / processor cores>
    setenv  STTIME    <starting time (HHMMSS) for the output>
    setenv  TSTEP     <time step (HHMMSS) for the output>
    setenv  RUNLEN    <duration (HHMMSS) for the output>
    setenv  AGGFILE   <output-file physical (path) name>
    setenv  FILELIST  <(comma-delimited) list of input file logical names>
    setenv  WGTSLIST  <list of weighting factors>
    setenv  VBLELIST  <list of output variables>
    setenv  DATELIST  <list of starting dates>
    setenv  <logical name> <physical name>  for each input file
All files must have the same grid structure and contain all the requested output variables on the requested time step structure.

The requested variables must all be of type REAL.

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