6.4.3. Files and Environment Variables Input Files Input Environment Variables Output Files

Figure 6.4. Grdmat input and output files

Grdmat input and output files

Figure 6.4, “Grdmat input and output files” shows the input and output files for the Grdmat program. The input files are the spatial surrogates file (AGPRO or MGPRO), the spatial cross-reference file (AGREF or MGREF), the inventory file output from Smkinven (AREA, MOBL, or PNTS), the surrogate description file (SRGDESC), and the grid description file (GRIDDESC).

Grdmat outputs a gridding matrix file (AGMAT, MGMAT, or PGMAT) used by other SMOKE programs, and a supplemental gridding file (AGSUP or MGSUP) that includes all of the spatial surrogate codes assigned to each source. Like all SMOKE programs, Grdmat writes a program log (LOGFILE). Input Files

File Name Format Description
SRGDESC ASCII Surrogate list, description and surrogate file name used in the modeling grid. Note: we recommand to use multiple files for individual surrogate code which are available from the EPA’s New Surrogates web site.
SRGPRO_PATH/surrogate-files ASCII Gridding surrogate coefficients
[A|M]GREF ASCII Gridding surrogate cross-reference file
[AREA|MOBL|PNTS] SMOKE map Intermediate inventory file produced by Smkinven
GRIDDESC ASCII Description of the modeling grid
GRIDMASK I/O API NetCDF Geographic level code and Timezone for each grid cell
GRID_CRO_2D I/O API NetCDF Layer definitions for the CMAQ model domain Input Environment Variables Output Files

File Name Format Description
[A|M|P]GMAT I/O API NetCDF Gridding matrix containing the factors needed to spatially allocate the input emissions to the grid cells in the modeling domain.
[A|M]GSUP ASCII Gridding supplemental file containing spatial surrogate codes for each source
LOGFILE ASCII Log generated from executing Grdmat