5.3.13. SAregroup Description Processing Order Files and Environment Variables Description

The SAregroup program regroups existing source apportionment (SA) ready group ID to new SA group IDs based on a regroup mapping table that holds the list of desired input source sectors and regroup IDs.

SAregroup reads in a set of existing SA-ready gridded emissions files generated from the Smkmerge or Movesmrg program and stack group output files (for point sources only) from Elevpoint program, and a sector-specific regroup mapping input file REGROUP_GROUPS, and then outputs a set of SA-ready gridded emissions and stack group output files with new updated regroup IDs. Processing Order

This optional program can be run after Smkmerge and before either Mrggrid (if it is being used to merge several Smkmerge output files together) or the AQM of interest. Files and Environment Variables Input Files
File Name Format Description
IN_EMIS ASCII List of SA-ready gridded hourly emissions input files
IN_SRCS ASCII List of stack group input files that hold SA-ready stack parameters by original SA group ID
IN_REPORT ASCII List of SA-ready summary report files that holds the details of original mapping between inventory source characteristics and SA group ID
REGROUP_GROUPS ASCII Regrouping map between original SA group ID to new sector-specific group ID
Org group ID, Sector1, Sector2, Sector3, ,,,, Sector#
           1,       1,       5,      12, ,,,,, 2
           2,       5,       5,       5, ,,,,, 43
           3,       7,       5,       1, ,,,,, 25 Input Environment Variables

None Output Files
File Name Format Description
OUT_EMIS I/O API NetCDF SA-ready gridded hourly emissions files with new SA group ID
OUT_SRCS I/O API NetCDF SA-ready stack group files with new SA group ID
LOGFILE ASCII Log generated from executing SAregroup