6.9.3. Files and Environment Variables Input Files Input Environment Variables Output Files

Figure 6.9. Mrgelev input and output files

Mrgelev input and output files

Figure 6.9, “Mrgelev input and output files” shows the input and output files for the Mrgelev program. The input files are a list of the ASCII elevated files (FILELIST) and optionally a list of PELV files created by Elevpoint (PELVLIST). In both files, the complete file name including path must be provided. When using the PELVLIST file, each file must match the corresponding ASCII elevated file. The program outputs a log file (LOGFILE), a merged ASCII elevated file (OUTFILE), a merged binary elevated file (PTSOURCE), and a report file (REPMRGELEV). Input Files

File Name Format Description
FILELIST ASCII List of input ASCII elevated files including path and file name
PELVLIST ASCII List of input PELV files including path and file name; leave environment variable unset if not processing PinG sources Input Environment Variables

  • MRG_DIFF_DAYS: [default: N]

    This environment variable allows Mrgelev to merge files with data from different days.

    • Y: Allow data from different dates to be merged together

      Mrgelev will use the environment variables G_STDATE, G_STTIME, G_RUNLEN, and G_TSTEP to set the start date, start time, length, and time step of the output file. All input files must have the same starting time as G_STTIME, the same time step as G_TSTEP, and must contain more than G_RUNLEN steps of data. For each input file, if it contains data to cover the actual episode requested by G_STDATE, G_STTIME, and G_RUNLEN, then the data for the actual episode will be used; otherwise, data starting at the first time step of the file will be used.

    • N: Require all merged data to be from the same date

      Mrgelev will determine the output file time period based on the latest starting input file and the earliest ending input file. Output Files

File Name Format Description
LOGFILE ASCII Log generated from executing Mrgelev
OUTFILE ASCII Merged ASCII elevated file
PTSOURCE Binary Merged binary elevated file
REPMRGELEV ASCII Report file summarizing input and output emissions for QA purposes