8.10.8. ORISDESC: ORIS description

The ORISDESC file provides descriptive information for the ORIS IDs, which Smkinven uses when reporting the status of reading and matching CEM data. The information in this file will appear in the REPINVEN output file from Smkinven. The format of the ORISDESC file is shown in Table 8.89, “Format for ORISDESC. Note that only the first five columns of data need to appear in the file; the rest can be blank because SMOKE does not use any information past column E.

Table 8.89. Format for ORISDESC

Line Position Description
1+ A DOE Plant ID (ORIS ID) (6-character string); must match the same field in the IDA-formatted PTINV file.
  B Country/State/County code (FIPS code) (Char(5))
  C Latitude (not used by SMOKE), use -9 for missing
  D Longitude (not used by SMOKE), use -9 for missing
  E Plant name (80-character string)
  F Operating company (not used by SMOKE)
  G EPA Region (not used by SMOKE)
  H State name (not used by SMOKE)
  I County name (not used by SMOKE)
  J North American Electric Reliability Council Region (e.g., ASCC, ECAR, ERCOT, MAAC, MAIN, MAPP, NPCC, SERC, SPP, WSCC) (not used by SMOKE)

Acid rain program phase (not used by SMOKE)

  • P1 = Phase I Generator, regulation began in 1995-1999
  • P1.5 = Phase II Generator, source opted to begin early regulation prior to the year 2000
  • P2 = Phase II Generator, generator regulation began in year 2000
  • If blank then plant is likely in a nongenerating status (such as retired, deferred, exempt, or future)