8.10.2. COSTCY: Country, state, and county names and data

The COSTCY file is used to assign numeric codes to the various countries, states, and counties to be modeled; the file also provides information concerning default time zones and Daylight Savings observance. A header line can be used in this file to indicate that population data are contained in the file as the last column on each line of the /COUNTY/ packet. The header line and additional population column are optional. If it is present in the file, it must be on the first line of the file and use the following syntax:


where <year> is a 4-digit year.

The country, state, and county codes in each section of this file must be sorted in increasing order. If they are not, the programs reading this file will give an error. The format of the COSTCY file is shown in Table 8.79, “Format for COSTCY.

Table 8.79. Format for COSTCY

Line Position Description
1 A Start of country section using packet /COUNTRY/
2+ 1 Country code (Character)
  3-22 Country name (Character)
3 A Start of state section using packet /STATE/
4+ 1 Country code; should match an entry in the /COUNTRY/ section (Character)
  2-3 State code (Character)
  4-5 State abbreviation (Character) (not used by SMOKE)
  7-26 State name (Character)
  27-28 EPA Region (Integer) (not used by SMOKE)
  32-34 Standard (non-Daylight-Saving) state time zone; see Table 8.80, “Valid COSTCY and GEOCODE_LEVEL4 time zones” for valid time zones (Character) (optional)
5 A Start of county section using packet /COUNTY/
6+ 2-3 State abbreviation, should match an entry in the /STATE/ section (Character) (not used by SMOKE)
  5-24 County name (Character)
  26 Country code, should match the one in the /COUNTRY/ section (Character)
  27-28 State code, should match the one in the /STATE/ section (Character)
  29-31 County code (Character)
  32-34 AEROS State Code (Integer) (not used by SMOKE)
  35-38 AEROS County Code (Integer) (not used by SMOKE)
  40-42 Standard (non-Daylight-Saving) county time zone; see Table 8.80, “Valid COSTCY and GEOCODE_LEVEL4 time zones” for valid time zones (Character)
  43 Leaving this field blank indicates that Daylight Saving time is used in the county. Any character in this field will turn off the use of Daylight Saving time in the county.
  44-52 County center longitude (degrees) (Real) (not used by SMOKE)
  53-61 County center latitude (degrees) (Real) (not used by SMOKE)
  63-74 County area (square miles) (Real) (not used by SMOKE)
  76-84 Westernmost longitude (degrees) (Real) (not used by SMOKE)
  86-94 Easternmost longitude (degrees) (Real) (not used by SMOKE)
  95-103 Southernmost latitude (degrees) (Real) (not used by SMOKE)
  104-112 Northernmost latitude (degrees) (Real) (not used by SMOKE)
  114-128 Population for the county (optional; used only by Smkreport with the NORMALIZE POPULATION instruction)

Table 8.80. Valid COSTCY and GEOCODE_LEVEL4 time zones

GMT Time zone Description
+12:00 BIT Baker Island Time
+11:00 SST Samoa Standard Time
+10:00 HST Hawaii Standard Time
+9:00 AKT Alaska Standard Time
+8:00 PST Pacific Standard Time
+7:00 MST Mountain Standard Time
+6:00 CST Central Standard Time
+5:00 EST Eastern Standard Time
+4:00 AST Atlantic Standard Time
+3:00 ART Argentina Time
+2:00 FNT Fernando de Noronha Time
+1:00 EGT Eastern Greenland Time
0:00 GMT Greenwich Mean Time
-1:00 CET Central European Time
-2:00 EET Eastern European Time
-3:00 MSK Moscow Time
-4:00 GST Gulf Standard Time
-5:00 PKT Pakistan Standard Time
-6:00 BST Bangladesh Standard Time
-7:00 THA Thailand Time
-8:00 HKT China Standard Time
-9:00 KST Korean Standard Time
-10:00 AET Austrailian Eastern Time
-11:00 ADT Austrailian Daylight Savings Time
-12:00 FJT Fiji Time
-13:00 NZT New Zealand Daylight Time
-14:00 LNT Line Islands Time