8.4.3. AGREF and MGREF: Gridding cross-reference files for area and mobile sources

The gridding cross-reference files are used to match the emissions sources with the spatial surrogates in the surrogates file. The way that of the gridding cross-reference files are applied in SMOKE ensures that the most-specific matches override the less-specific ones. A description of how the gridding cross-reference is applied to the inventory is provided in Section 6.4, “Grdmat. The format of the AGREF and MGREF files is shown in Table 8.37, “Format for AGREF and MGREF.

Table 8.37. Format for AGREF and MGREF

Line Position Description
1+ A

Country/state/county code (6-digit Character YSSCCC) (optional):

  • leave blank or put zero if not country/state-dependent
  • set to YSS000 for country/state-dependent
  • set to YSSCCC for county-dependent
  B 20-digit SCC (Character) (optional, set to zero if not SCC-dependent)
  C Spatial surrogate code (Integer) (required)