5.3.4. CEMScan Description Processing Order Files and Environment Variables Description

CEMScan reads a year’s worth of CEM data and calculates summed annual NOx emissions, SO2 emissions, heat input, gross load, and steam load for each uniquie ORIS/boiler combination in the output CEM data. While writing the output, CEMScan will skip any ORIS/boiler combinations where the total annual NOx emissions are zero or null or where the total annual gross load, steam load, and heat input are zero or null. The program will write these ORIS/boiler combinations to the report file along with a flag indicating that the combination was not written to the output file. The output from CEMScan is used by Smkinven to calculate hourly emissions from annual inventory data when reading CEM data. Detail information is described in Section 2.9.19, “Processing hour-specific CEM data”. Processing Order

CEMScan should be run before Smkinven when processing CEM data. Files and Environment Variables Input Files
File Name Format Description
FILELIST ASCII List of CEM input files including path and filename; the files must contain data for an entire year to be consistent with the annual inventory Input Environment Variables
  • MAX_CEM_UNITS: [default: none]

    Maximum number of CEM units in input data; this value can usually be based on the number of sources in the annual inventory Output Files
File Name Format Description
OUTFILE ASCII CEM summary file
REPFILE ASCII Report summarizes CEM data