Program M3MASK


    setenv  COLROW    <COL-ROW input, instead of LAT-LON? (Y/N [Y]>
    setenv  MASKDATA  <path name for input ASCII mask file>
    setenv  LLFILE    <path name for input M3IO gridded file>
    setenv  MASKFILE  <path name for output M3IO mask file>

    m3mask <and respond to the prompt>


Reads ASCII mask-data, specified by a file MASKDATA with lines containing either the columns and rows or the latitudes and longitudes, respectively, for the mask being specified, with one line per grid cell, and creates a GRIDDED output file MASKFILE, on the grid specified by LLFILE. MASKFILE contains one INTEGER variable MASK for which The output grid is specified by the input LLFILE, which may be any single-layer GRIDDED M3IO file for the desired output-grid, e.g.,a GRID_CRO_2D file. Input column-row pairs must be for grid cells within that grid.

The program will display a "splash-screen" describing its usage, and then prompt you whether or not to continue. To run this program in batch mode, the recommended way to develop the script is to run the program once interactively noting the response to that prompt, which then becomes either a command-input file which you may redirect into the program in the script, or may become a "here-document" fed into the execution by the script.

Requires Fortran-90 for compilation. Source code for program m3maskis available under the GNU GPL License, Version 2, and can be downloaded here from CMAS or here from GitHub. for I/O API-3.2 or later..

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