Program BCWNDW


    setenv  <infile>    <path name>
    setenv  <outfile>   <path name>
    bcwndw [<infile> <outfile>]
where infile and outfile are the logical names of the input and output files. If they are not present, the program will prompt the user for both input file and output file logical names.


The BCWNDW program takes a GRIDDED input file, constructs the specified BOUNDARY data structure for a specified subrectangle of the horizontal grid, and writes the result to a different Models-3 file for a specified time period. The definition of the subrectangle is specified by bounds LOCOL, LOROW, HICOL, and HIROW for the columns and rows; the (external) boundary is described by an additional parameter NTHIK:
    LOCOL <= col <= HICOL
    LOROW <= row <= HIROW
where we have the additional constraint that the window, together with its external boundary, fit into the grid of the input file:
    1 <= LOCOL - NTHIK + 1 <= HICOL + NTHIK <= NCOLS
    1 <= LOROW - NTHIK + 1 <= HIROW + NTHIK <= NROWS
Before you run the program, you need to assign logical names to the physical file names of both files, according to Models-3 conventions, using the operation
    "setenv <lname> <pname>"
The program will prompt you for the logical names you have chosen for the input files, and then extensively for the options to choose; the prompts will have default responses which can be accepted by hitting <RETURN>. The specification of starting date and time, target date and time, and duration for the run follow Models-3 date and time conventions.

See also program m3wndw for windowing gridded files.

If you want to run this program in batch mode (from a script), the recommended way to develop the script is to run the program once interactively, noting the pattern of responses to prompts which generate the particular windowing you want. The pattern of responses then becomes either a command-input file which is redirected into the program in the script, or becomes a "here-document" fed into the execution.

Source code for program bcwndw is available under the GNU GPL License, Version 2, and can be downloaded as part of the I/O API tar-ball from this page.

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