Program camxtom3


    setenv  GRIDDESC    <path name>
    setenv  GRID_NAME   <GRIDDESC-name for the model-grid>
    setenv  INFILE      <path name>
    setenv  OUTFILE     <path name>

    camxtom3 <and respond to the prompts>
The program will prompt you for the starting date (YYYYDDD), starting time (HHMMSS), and time step (HHMMSS).


Convert GRIDDED CAMx and other UAM-format binary files into I/O API files.

Note that a GRIDDESC file containing the description of the modeling grid is required, since the CAMx/UAM format does not adequately characterize map projections nor does it provide adequate precision for the grid description paramters it does provide. Even so, the vertical grid will be set to "MISSING" because the vertical grid is not described in the UAM-format file headers.


This program was partially developed under funding for a project sponsored by the California Air Resources Board.

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