8.3.2. [A|M|P]TREF: Temporal cross-reference file

The ATREF, MTREF, and PTREF files contain the area-, mobile-, and point-source cross-reference records for assigning the temporal profiles to the sources. If needed, the same file can be used for area-, mobile-, or point-source categories, but more fields are used for mobile than for area, and more fields are used for point than for mobile. Section 6.16, “Temporal provides a list of the matching hierarchies that SMOKE uses when applying the file to an inventory. If a field is blank, it must be set to -9.

Between weekly and daily temporal profiles, daily Profiles will take precedence weekly profiles. Within hourly diurnal profiles, the processing occurs as follows (1) day-to-hour hourly profiles (i.e., Monday,,,,,Sunday), (2) Weekday/Weekend hourly profiles, and (3) All days (Monday-Sunday) hourly profiles. However, date-specific houlry temporal profiles from [A|M|P]TPRO_HOURLY_NCF input file will take precedence any types of temporal profiles. This date-specific hourly temporal profiles NetCDF input file contains annual total (ANNTOT), monthly total (MONTOT), daily total (DAYTOT) and hourly total (HRLTOT) to compute year-to-hour, month-to-hour, day-to-hour profiles to calculate hourly total depending on types of inventory data (annual, monthly or daily inventory). If inventory is annual total, year-to-hour profiles will be used to convert annual total to hourly total emissions. If inventory is monthly total, month-to-hour profiles will be used to compute hourly total from monthly total inventory.

Within the Temporal program, the processing occurs as follows:

NOTE: Date-specific houlry diurnal temporal profiles require FIPS and SCC specific entries in [A|M|P]TREF input file.

The pollutant field allows the user to assign a different temporal profile for each pollutant associated with a given source. This is an optional approach; if you do not want to use pollutant as a characteristic in assigning temporal profiles, you can put a “-9” in the pollutant field. In that case, all pollutants for a given source will be assigned that temporal profile.

The country/state/county code is defined as follows:

000000 = applies to all counties, states, and counties
Y00000 = applies to all states and counties in country Y
YSS000 = applies to all counties in state SS and country Y
YSSCCC = applies to county CCC in state SS and country Y

Table 8.32. Format for [A|M|P]TREF

Line Position Description
1+ A 10-digit SCC, or zeros filling the remaining digits (Character) (optional; put zero for entry that is not SCC-specific)
  B Country/state/county code (6-digit Integer in format YSSCCC) (optional)
  C Facility ID (for ORL, this is Plant ID) (Character) (optional; point source only, leave blank for not facility-specific)
  D Unit ID (for ORL, this is point ID) (Character) (optional: point source only )
  E Release Point (for ORL, this is stack ID) (Character) (optional: point source only)
  F Process ID (forORL, this is segment ID) (Character) (optional: point source only)
  G Pollutant name (Character) (optional; put zero if not pollutant-dependent)
HOURLY”: Date-specific hourly diurnal temporal profile from [A|M|P]TPRO_HOURLY_NCF.
MONTHLY”: Year to month temporal profile from [A|M|P]TPRO_MONTHLY.
DAILY”: Year to day temporal profile from [A|M|P]TPRO_DAILY.
WEEKLY”: Month to week temporal profile from [A|M|P]TPRO_WEEKLY.
MONDAY”: Monday diurnal temporal profile from [A|M|P]TPRO_HOURLY.
TUESDAY”: Tuesday diurnal temporal profile from [A|M|P]TPRO_HOURLY.
WEDNESDAY”: Wendesday diurnal temporal profile from [A|M|P]TPRO_HOURLY.
THURSDAY”: Thursday diurnal temporal profile from [A|M|P]TPRO_HOURLY.
FRIDAY”: Friday diurnal temporal profile from [A|M|P]TPRO_HOURLY.
SATURDAY”: Saturday diurnal temporal profile from [A|M|P]TPRO_HOURLY.
SUNDAY”: Sunday diurnal temporal profile from [A|M|P]TPRO_HOURLY.
WEEKDAY”: Weekday diurnal temporal profile from [A|M|P]TPRO_HOURLY.
WEEKEND”: Weekend diurnal temporal profile from [A|M|P]TPRO_HOURLY.
ALLDAY”: All days diurnal temporal profile from [A|M|P]TPRO_HOURLY.
  I Temporal Profile ID (Characters) (required)
  J Comments (Characters) (optional; must be double quoted)