7.3.8. The /NEWFILE/ packet

The /NEWFILE/ packet can be used before or between any /CREATE REPORT/ packets to cause Smkreport to write out the subsequent reports to a different report file. The syntax of the command is the following:

/NEWFILE/ <Filename>

The placeholder <Filename> is replaced by either:

  1. A physical file name, including the path.

  2. A logical file name.

Smkreport will detect whether the file is a physical or logical file name by checking to see if the <Filename> value is defined with a nonblank value in the run-time environment. If it is, then Smkreport assumes the value is a logical file name, and opens a file using the value found from the environment.

If no information is given for <Filename>, the output files will be named by their automatic logical file names, REPORT[#], where [#] is replaced by the number of the report file in order of its associated /NEWFILE/ packet.