7.3.6. The /REPORT TIME/ packet

The /REPORT TIME/ packet can be used to change the hour value for which daily-total hourly emissions are output. The syntax of this instruction is the following:


The setting uses HHMMSS format, in which HH is the hour and MMSS is 0000. The time specified is in the time zone of the input hourly data file. This setting is ignored when hourly data are not input to Smkreport. The default behavior of Smkreport is to report at the last hour of the day, hour 23 (hours are counted from 0 to 23). This setting must be consistent with the SMOKE intermediate files, which use hour numbers 0 through 23 because they are based on the I/O API. However, these hour numbers are different from those included in the report because of the “BY HOUR” instruction, which numbers the hours 1 through 24.