Community Modeling and Analysis System

Job Postings

CMAS offers a place to post jobs related to atmospheric science, atmospheric modeling, meteorological modeling, and climate modeling. If you would like to post a job here, please email the job information to Make sure that you include an expiration date in your job description. If the position is hiring until filled, we will post it for 2 months, and you can ask to repost if needed.

Available Positions

  • Air Quality Modeler at Ramboll Environ, Novato (CA)   [APPLY]

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  • Environmental Engineer/Analyst at Ramboll Environ, Novato (CA)   [APPLY]

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  • Senior Environmental Engineer/Analyst at Ramboll Environ, Novato (CA)   [APPLY]

    Our global staff of more than 2,000 consultants represents a wide variety of engineering, scientific, public health and regulatory affairs disciplines. A Ramboll Environ career offers the opportunity to collaborate with these exceptional professionals on innovative solutions to our clients' most challenging environmental, health and social issues. We provide competitive compensation and benefits, professional growth and leadership development opportunities.

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