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November 26, 2015


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CMAQ Review Process

During the past three years, CMAS, in collaboration with EPA scientists, has organized two CMAQ review panel meetings, of 3-day duration each. The first CMAQ review meeting was held during December 2003. The second meeting was held during May 2005. The review process usually starts by inviting a number of key scientists to participate in the process. The scientists are selected based on their expertise in accordance with the focus of the review session. After reviewing numerous reports and articles and completing their meeting in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, the review panel prepares a comprehensive report on their findings and recommendations. EPA then responds to the comments of the reviewers. Final review reports are posted below.

First Review (December, 2003)

  • Presentations (in PDF format):
  • Final Report Summary: December 2003 Peer Review of the CMAQ Model [PDF]

Second Review (May 2005)

  • Final Report: Second Peer Review of the CMAQ Model, July, 2005 [PDF]
  • Response to the Second Peer Review of the CMAQ Model, August, 2005 [PDF]

Third Review (February 2007)

  • Final Report: Third Peer Review of the CMAQ Model, February, 2007 [PDF]
  • Response to the Third Peer Review of the CMAQ Model, April, 2007 [PDF]

Fourth Review (September 2011)

  • Final Report: Fourth Peer Review of the CMAQ Model, September, 2011 [PDF]