10. Optional Environment Variables

The following environment variable settings can be made prior to invoking PAVE. They are completely optional, and most of them can also be set from within PAVE's user interface. You may find these useful if you frequently want smooth plots, grid lines, no maps, etc.

setenv PAVE_EXE <some pathname/executable name> will cause the pave script to use that version of the binary executable when launching PAVE.

setenv PAVE_DEBUG <ON|OFF> in interpreted by the pave script in versions 2.3 or later. If PAVE_DEBUG is set to ON (default is OFF), then the script prints some debugging information about the various paths used when PAVE is executed. This is useful if you are having problems getting PAVE or one of its components to work. You can turn this on by doing setenv PAVE_DEBUG ON before running PAVE.

setenv KILL_PROCESS_GROUP <ON|OFF> is interpreted by the pave script in version 2.3 or later. If KILL_PROCESS_GROUP is set to ON (which is the default behavior in the pave script), then all processes started by PAVE during the session (e.g. time series plots) will be killed when PAVE exits. However, we have found that on Linux, if PAVE is being run from a script the parent script is also killed. Therefore, you may wish to do setenv KILL_PROCESS_GROUP OFF before running PAVE on Linux - especially if you are using scripts.

setenv LOCAL_FILES_ONLY <ON|OFF> is interpreted by the pave script in versions 2.3 or later. If LOCAL_FILES_ONLY is set to ON (the default value is OFF), PAVE will execute without running the software bus. This is useful when running from scripts because you can run multiple instances of PAVE from the same user account. A limitation is that when LOCAL_FILES_ONLY is ON and you are running PAVE in interactive mode, we have been unable to get the local file browser to communicate back to PAVE properly when new files are added. However, files that were added in prior sessions or via the command line may be analyzed.

setenv DENOMINATOR_CUTOFF <some floating point number> will cause PAVE to workaround divide by zero conditions. If this environment variable is set, then for each division, if the denominator is less than or equal to DENOMINATOR_CUTOFF's value, then the result of the divide is set to 0

setenv DISABLE_MAPS 1 will cause PAVE to disable map drawing by default on tile plots

setenv DRAW_GRID_LINES 1 will cause grid lines to be drawn by default on tile plots

setenv ELLISPOID ellipsoidName will cause PAVE to use a non-default ellipsoid when drawing maps. The valid values for ellipsoidName are:
MERIT_1983, SGS_85, GRS_1980, IAU_1976, CLARKE_1866, CLARKE_1880 ENGELIS_1985, EVEREST_1969, WGS_60, WGS_66, WGS_72, and WGS_84.
See also the entries on this page for SPHERICAL_EARTH and GRS80.

setenv EDSS_MAPDIR <directory_name> will override PAVE's <top level PAVE directory>/$EDSS_ENV/bin/OPTIMIZE/maps dir, which is where PAVE looks for its maps by default.

setenv GRS80 will cause PAVE to assume the earth's ellipsoid is the one defined by the GRS80 specifications. The defalt ellipsoid is MERIT_1983. See also SPHERICAL_EARTH and ELLIPSOID on this page.

setenv LEGEND_BINS &qu;1,10,100,1000&qu; for example will cause plots to be created with three colors that correspond to values of 1-10, 10-100, and 100-1000. The general format for the value of this environment variable is a comma separated list of numbers.

setenv NO_AUTHOR_STRING will cause PAVE not to put PAVE by MCNC on plots.

setenv PAVE_EXPORT_VARNAME <some alphanumeric string> can be used to override the default variable name of "VAR" when exporting data to netCDF files from PAVE.

setenv PAVE_DISTINCT_STATE_COUNTIES will cause PAVE to display state and county lines in different colors (gray / black).

setenv PAVE_VECTOBS_COLOR <colorName> will cause PAVE to draw the observational vectors with the specified color. Potential colors and RGB values are usually found in /usr/lib/X11/rgb.txt for non-Suns or /usr/openwin/lib/X11/rgb.txt on Suns.

setenv PRECLIP_LLLAT <0>
setenv PRECLIP_LLLON <-180>
setenv PRECLIP_URLAT <85>
setenv PRECLIP_URLON <70> will cause PAVE to use a "pre-clip" map region bounded by the lat/lon coordinate pairs (-180,0) and (70,85). These environment variables can be used to access PAVE's world map over a region outside of North America. For further information on how to use the world map, please see the PAVE FAQ located at Pave.FAQ.html#WorldMap.

setenv PRINTER 200p_lw will cause tile plots to be sent to 200p_lw when printed

setenv SBUS_EXEC_RC <rc file name> can be used to override the default file ~/.edss_exec_rc, which is used to locate various EDSS subsystems

setenv SBUS_RLOGIN_RC <rc file name> can be used to override the default file ~/.edss_rlogin_rc, which is used for the userids to use for remote data access. You will only need to worry about this if your remote account's login name is not the same as your local login name.

setenv SCALE_VECTORS 1 will cause vector length to be scaled by their magnitude by default on vector plots

setenv SMOOTH_PLOTS 1 will cause PAVE to smoothly interpolate pixels on tile plots by default

setenv TENTHS_SECS_BETWEEN_FRAMES 10 will cause a minimum of 1 wall clock second between animation frames. Units are tenths of a second, allowable range is 0..50

<some real number>
can be used to define the projection parameters. CAMx or UAM files in the Lambert conformal projection are not self-contained, as the lambert parameters are not specified in the file header. To inform PAVE that the CAMx or UAM file has the conformal projection, specify the values using the PAVE_COORD environment variable.
GDTYP,P_ALP,P_BET,P_GAM,XCENT,YCENT are defined in the the IOAPI documentation http://www.baronams.com/products/ioapi/GRIDS.html
An example for a lambert conformal grid with a reference lat/lon of (40N,100W) and latitudes of two parallels, 60N and 30N. Note XCENT is typically equal to P_GAM.
setenv PAVE_COORD "2 30 60 -100 -100 40"

<some real number>
can be used to supersede any of the respective netCDF header values. Before creating a PAVE plot, the environment variables will be checked and appropriate fields replaced.

setenv SPHERICAL_EARTH radius will cause PAVE to treat the earth as a sphere with the specified radius when drawing maps. If you set the value of radius to 1, it will use the default radius of 6370997 meters. Note that the default ellipsoid is MERIT_1983. See also the entries on this page for GRS80 and ELLIPSOID.

setenv UAM_MISSING_VALUE <some floating point number> can be used to define a value that corresponds to missing data for UAM format files. If this environment variable is not set, the value defaults to -999.0.

setenv USE_LOCAL_VISD will cause PAVE to read all files on the local computer with the visd instead of as local files. This is useful if a file to be visualized on a 64 bit capable SGI is larger than 2 GB. This should only be used at times when very large files are being visualized because it is slower than reading files locally.

setenv VECTOR_COLOR <colorName> will cause PAVE to draw the vectors with the specified color. Potential colors and RGB values are usually found in /usr/lib/X11/rgb.txt for non-Suns or /usr/openwin/lib/X11/rgb.txt on Suns.

setenv ADD2DHLINE <some floating point number> used to define a horizontal line to a 2-D plot such as a timeseries plot.

setenv GRAPH2DCFG <blt filename> This specifies a BLT configuration file that can be modified to configure 2D plots. All 2D plotting in PAVE is generated using the BLT library, which is an extension to the (Tcl)/Tk library.

setenv HOST <machine name or ip address> used to specify a remote hostname from which to obtain a file, used in the -f option.

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