Program wrfgriddesc


    setenv  WRFFILE     <path name for input WRF-netcdf file>
    setenv  OUTDESC     <path name for output GRIDDESC file>
    setenv CRDNAME      <GRIDDESC name for WRF coordinate system>
    setenv CROGRID      <GRIDDESC name for     cross-point grid>
    setenv DOTGRID      <GRIDDESC name for       dot-point grid>
    setenv STXGRID      <GRIDDESC name for X-stagger-point grid>
    setenv STYGRID      <GRIDDESC name for Y-stagger-point grid>


Program wrfgriddesc will read the header-data from a WRF-netCDF output file and create a GRIDDESC file for the grids used by the WRF file. You will need to specify the GRIDDESC-names for the map projection and for all four grids (cross-point, dot-point, X-staggered, Y-staggered) used by the WRF file, as described above.

See Also:

Program wrftom3 to read and optionally window a set of variables from a WRF netCDF file, and write the results to an I/O API file

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