The wndwdesc program computes corners and write grid description for a Lat-Lon described window ${WNDWNAME} into an I/O API grid ${GRIDNAME}.

Source code for program wndwdesc is available under the GNU GPL License, Version 2, and can be downloaded from the CMAS web site as part of the I/O API distribution tar-ball from this page.


    setenv  GRIDDESC    <path name for  input file>
    setenv  WNDWDESC    <path name for output file>
    wndwgrid <LAT1> <LON1> <LAT2> <LON2> <GRIDNAME> <WNDWNAME>
where Program wndwdesc will report the corner column and row for the sub-grid of GRIDNAME to the log, after the fashion
SW CORNER (C,R)=        22        27
NE CORNER (C,R)=        66        58
and will also write a single-grid GRIDDESC-format file for this windowed sub-grid to the file with logical name WNDWDESC

See Also: program FINDWNDW

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