setenv  OMP_NUM_THREADS  <number of threads / processor cores>
    setenv  <infile>   <path name for input CONC file>
    setenv  <metfile>  <path name for input METCRO3D file>
    setenv  <outfile>  <path name for output file>
    vertintegral [<infile>] <and respond to the prompts>
where infile, metfile, and outfile are the logical names of the input and output files, and metfile is a MET_CRO_3D file (as from MCIP) containing variables ZF and DENS .


The VERTINTEGRAL program computes vertical-column integrals for each gas-phase chemistry or mass-mode aerosol variable in a user specified GRIDDED Models-3 CMAQ CONC file, and writes the result to a user specified single-layer GRIDDED Models-3 I/O API output file, using layer heights and air densities from a MCIP style MET_CRO_3D file for the same grid as the CONC file.

The program will prompt you for the starting date and time for the run, the duration of the time interval to process, and the logical names you have chosen for the input and output files.

If you want to run this program in batch mode (from a script), the recommended way to develop the script is to run the program once interactively noting the pattern of responses to prompts which generate the particular analysis you want. The pattern of responses then becomes either a command-input file which you may redirect into the program in the script, or may become a "here-document" fed into the execution by the script.

Requires Fortran-90 for compilation. Uses OpenMP shared memory parallelism when supported by the compiler and architecture, and structured for efficiency on microprocessor based shared memory processors. Source code for program vertintegral is available under the GNU GPL License, Version 2, and can be viewed here or downloaded as a part of the I/O API distribution from here.

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