Program NCDUMP

The ncdump program generates an ASCII representation of a netCDF file, either with or without an ASCII representation of the variable data in the file. The ASCII representation uses the CDL notation developed by NCAR for netCDF files.

UNIX syntax for invoking ncdump is the following (where note that except with "ncdump -h" you almost always want to do "ncdump <file> | more" )

    ncdump [-h] [-c] [-n name] [-v variablename] inputfile
produce only the "header" information in the output file; i.e., the declarations of dimensions, variables, and attribute--but no data values for the variables
produce the "header" information in the output file and the data values for coordinate variables (variables that are also dimensions).
-n name
Specify a different name for the CDL description than the default.
-v variablename
produce the "header" information and the contents of the specified variable.

ncdump was produced by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) (the originators of netCDF), and is distributed by Unidata, the technology-distribution arm of UCAR.

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