setenv  INFILE     <path name>
    setenv  OUTFILE    <path name>
    mpaswtest <and respond to the prompts>


Read an MPAS file header and vertical grid variable zgrid from it, prompt the user for input points <ALAT,ALON,AHGT> and <ZLAT,ZLON,ZHGT>, which are the ends of an arc on the Earth (e.g., a segment of an aircraft flight), construct the 2-D and 3-D set of weights for weighting emissions along the indicated segment to the MPAS grid, and write the result to a new MPAS-format-netCDF output file.

This program is more a sample program, a demonstration of how to USE MODMPASFIO routines

than a "real" tool-program in its own right.

Source code is available here.

Copyright © 2017 Carlie J. Coats, Jr.

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