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The CMAS Center offers free subscription to the M3User listerve as forums for discussion and support of atmospheric modeling software. You need to subscribe to the list to post messages; queries of archived postings on the listserve are open to the public. You can subscribe to the list through either the List Manager Web Page (linked below) or by Email. FAQs on how to subscribe to and unsubscribe from the listserve are available through the UNC help desk.

M3User (Technical Support Forum) [Subscribe]

The CMAS Center maintains M3User as a forum for community-based support and discussion about CMAS Center-supported software and data. Specific questions about the CMAS Center-supported software are welcome on M3User. M3User should be used as the primary support resource for questions not answered on the CMAS FAQs Page.

How to Unsubscribe

Replace [email] with the email that you are subscribed with, and then paste this into your browser:[email]&l=m3user